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3/20/20    Coronavirus will be Catastrophe For Poor

                 Coronavirus Testing Shame


                 Coronavirus Reveals Extreme Social Inequality

                 Last Great Chance to Crack Oligarchy

3/15/20   COVID-19 Shows Need For Universal Health Care, Basic Income

                Lesson From Coronavirus: Inequality Kills

                 Coronavirus Shines Spotlight on U.S. Economic Inequality

3/9/20    There's No Such Thing As An Ethical Billionaire

               Philanthropy is PR for Billionaires

               A Warning to Politically Ambitious Billionaires 

               Billionaires Should Not Exist

3/5/20     There is a Class War

                America's Rightward Shift and the Rise of Income Inequality

              No One Deserves to be a Billionaire

               How Political Ideas Keep Economic Inequality Going

3/3/20     How the Super-Rich Get Special Treatment

                Billionaire Power and Politics

                The Plutocracy Strikes Back

                Jeff Bezos Wealth Visualized Through Grains of Rice

January and February

2/29/20  Billionaires Should Stop Being So Sensitive


               Two-Thirds of Americans Support Wealth Tax


                Plutocracy in the US


                The Supreme Court is Creating Income Inequality


               Bloomberg Billionaire BS  

               The People VS the Oligarch

                Wall Street Plutocrats Can't Burn Bernie

2/25/20   Billionaires Threaten Democracy

                Bloomberg Serves Oligarchy

                Why Billionaires Have No Right to their Wealth

                Billionaires Control the Narrative

                Billionaire Wealth is Enemy of Democracy

2/20/20   How Oligarchy Corrodes Democracy

               92% of New Yorkers Support Tax on Ultrawealthy

               Stop Bloomberg From Buying the Presidency

               Capital and Ideology by Thomas Piketty - A Review

               Washington Post: Oligarchy Dies in Darkness

2/18/20    New Class War Exposes Oligarchs and their Enablers

                 Bloomberg Wants to Buy Our Democracy

2/14/20   Ten Billionaires Worth More than 85 Countries Combined

                 Rising Inequality Destabilizing Democracies Around the World

                American Billionaire Oligarch Bloomberg Buying Election

2/10/20   Inequality is Causing Climate Change

                Wealth Tax Dates Back To American Revolution

                Living in Inequality, Dying in Despair

                Actual Pie Used to Demonstrate Inequality 

2/6/20   Yes, Billionaire Mike Bloomberg is an Oligarch

              169 Millionaires Ask to Pay More Taxes

              Pope: Tax the Rich  

2/4/20   A Wealth Tax is Common Sense

              Why We Should Tax the Super Rich

              Billionaires Don't Deserve Wealth Abundance

              Six Charts Showing Rising Inequality


              Super Rich are Spooked by Meager Tax 

2/1/20    Billionaire Mike Bloomberg Mocks Democracy 

               Time to Bill the Billionaires

              India Wants a Wealth Tax on Billionaires 

1/28/20   Pitchforks Or a Fair Tax System?


                The Rich Have Class Solidarity

                 Billionaires Need to Pay Taxes, Not Talk Philanthropy            

1/25/20   Protestors Occupy Billionaire Mike Bloomberg's Campaign Office


                Millionaires Demand to Pay More Taxes

                Nothing Good From the Plutocrats at Davo

1/24/20    The Rich Are Different than You, They Pay Less Taxes

                 Davos Billionaires Let the World Burn

                 Extreme Wealth is a Sign of a Failing Economic System


                 Billionaires Should Not Exist 

1/21/20   In Every Poll, Everywhere, Americans Want Rich To Pay Higher Taxes

               2,153 Billionaires have more wealth than 4.6 Billion People

               Inequality is Out Of Control 

               Oligarchs Gather in Davos

                Rising Inequality Could Cause Next Financial Disaster

                 Maybe Bitcoin Can Help Solve Inequality 

1/18/20  Wealthy Are Trying To Win the Class War They Started

                Too Much Finance Makes Inequality Worse

                Donald Trump Called For a 14.25% Wealth Tax in 1999

                   Want to Prosper? Tax the Rich

                    Some Millionaires Want To Pay More Taxes

                     Corporate Welfare Causing Inequality

1/16/20  Death of Unions Makes Inequality Worse

              As People Want Wealth Tax, Politicians Resist

              Backlash as Oligarchy Interferes with U.S. Election


              Focus on Inequality, Not GDP.  

1/12/20  Americans REALLY Want to Raise Taxes on the Rich

              Rich People Friendly Hypocrisy at the IMF?

1/9/20   Plutocratic Scheming Preserves Inequality

              IMF Calls For Higher Taxes on the Rich

              Income Inequality Continues to Rise

1/7/20   Inequality Just Keeps Getting Worse

             Naomi Klein: Climate Solutions Should Address Inequality

             The Billionaires Lament

1/5/20   Anand Giridharadas: Should Billionaires Exist? 

              Global Protests Planned Against Inequality

              More Socialism For the Rich

1/3/20    How the Finance Industry Fueled Inequality in America 

               Bill Gates Flip Flops, Now Supports Wealth Tax

               How Much Longer Can Billionaires Decide Political Outcomes?

               Wealth Tax will be Key 2020 Election Issue

              Billionaires Pay Lower Tax Rate Than Middle Class

1/1/20   #CancelBillionaires in the News:

                 #CancelBillionaires Featured on As The World Berns Podcast


                 KTVN Reno features #CancelBillionaires Press Release 

                 David McAlvany Podcast Mentions #CancelBillionaires at 25:50

                 KSLM Talk Radio features #CancelBillionaires Press Release


12/31/19   The Wealthy Who Want to Pay Higher Taxes

                  Fox News: More Americans Want Wealth Tax Than Wall

12/28/19    World's 500 Wealthiest People Gain $1.2 Trillion in 2019

                  2019's Best Stories on Inequality

                Shouting into the Apocalypse: The Decade in Climate Change

12/25/19    Billionaires are Defining Issue of 2020 Campaign

                  Wealth Tax Would Create Needed Revenue

                  Ann Coulter: "They (Billionaires) Wrecked Our Country"

                  Handouts for Billionaires, Hunger For Poor

                  Chile Wealth Inequality Fueling Protests

12/23/19    We Must Address the Roots of Inequality

                   59% of Millionaires Support a Wealth Tax

                   Socioeconomic Status Tied To Risk of Chronic Disease

                   How to Talk to Kids About Income Inequality

12/21/19    Cut Inequality to Fight Climate Crisis

                   Billionaires Get Rich By Relying on a System That Exploits People 

12/19/19    Billionaires Existential Threats to Humanity?

                   Climate Change and Inequality Take Center Stage at UN Forum


                   Why Inequality Harms Us All 

12/15/19    Shed No Tears For Billionaires

                   Billionaires Feel the Sting of Populist Backlash

                   The Historical Case For Abolishing Billionaires

                   Economic Inequality Has Gone Bananas

12/12/19   If Wealth is Justified, so is a Wealth Tax

              Surprise, Surprise! Papers Owned by Oligarchs Oppose Wealth Tax

              Tax the Rich No Longer Just a Political Slogan

              U.N. Report: Inequality Threatening Human Development

12/10/19    Why Raising Taxes on the Rich isn't so Crazy

                   Global heating plus inequality is a recipe for chaos

                  The Pitchforks Will Come Out Eventually


12/5/19      How Would a Wealth Tax Work?

                   Inequality and its Many Discontents

12/3/19        Official Launch of #CancelBillionaires Campaign.

                                     Read the Press Release

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