Stop Climate Change and Reduce Inequality

                 With a 100% Wealth Tax

WHAT IS IT?  #CANCELBILLIONAIRES is a movement of compassionate Americans from across the political spectrum to tax the wealth of all American billionaires over $999 million at 100%.  No more billionaires, period. 


WHY?   Inequality and climate change are national security issues.


The social and economic instability created by inequality and climate change pose a direct threat to the security of our nation.  Civil unrest, cultural upheaval, and financial turmoil are all increasingly likely.  By acknowledging that inequality and climate change are national security issues, the next President can take executive action to solve the crises.  The Pentagon has provided the justification for such an order with their report warning of the national security threats posed by Climate Change while a growing list of billionaires realize extreme inequality is a danger to everyone and everything. 


It is horrifying and heartbreaking that billionaires even exist when millions of children, CHILDREN, in America are food insecure, homeless, and live in poverty in what is supposed to be the “greatest country in the world”.  No “great country” allows children to go to bed at night hungry, seniors to ration their medicine because they can’t afford it, a mother or father to work 2-3 jobs because one doesn’t pay enough, or a family to live in a shelter because housing is unaffordable.   As financial insecurity rises, the likelihood of future social unrest grows exponentially.


Meanwhile, humanity faces the growing possibility that climate change will not be prevented.  If this scenario plays out, the civil unrest caused by inequality will pale in comparison to the unrest caused by climate change.  But a few of the consequences include tens of millions of climate refugees, trillions of dollars in lost property from coastal displacement, chaotic weather, prolonged droughts, frequent flooding, heat waves, spreading diseases, water shortages, and economic volatility.


The oligarchy and plutocrats only have themselves to blame for this drastic but necessary action. Their greed has created the rising inequality and climate problems that have fractured our society and blown a hole in the social contract.  They have corrupted most of our candidates, our elections, and our democracy by bribing our elected officials in the form of egregious campaign contributions.  Instead of caring about you, most politicians care about one thing: pleasing their wealthy donors so they can get reelected.  They act to make laws that steal wealth from the poor and middle class, who need it the most, and transfer it to billionaires, who need it the least.  America can only become better by recognizing who is responsible for this tragedy and changing the laws to rectify it.


HOW WILL IT WORK?  In 2019 there were over 600 billionaires in the United States with combined wealth over $3.0 trillion.  With the $2.5 trillion a 100% wealth tax would provide, our society could solve the climate change problem and create prosperity for all, not just the rich.


An executive order by the President of the United States, in the name of national security due to threats posed by inequality and climate change, will tax all wealth over $999 million at 100%.   If the conservative Supreme Court threatens to strike down the law, then the court will be expanded with justices that have a better understanding of the countries national security problems.  This is the way forward.  This is how we solve these issues.


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