Stop Climate Change and Reduce Inequality With a 100% Tax

Stop Climate Change and Reduce Inequality With a 100% Wealth Tax on Billionaires.

(They can get by on $999 million, don't you think?)


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An idea whose time has come:  #CancelBillionaires


Join the Movement

There are 3 actions you can take right now to help this movement gain traction.

1. Join the email list above. You will receive monthly updates on actions we can take as a larger group, important news, and accomplishments of the movement.  Learn more about this campaign here.

2. Help us go viral.  Share this website on all of your social media platforms, email lists, youtube channels, and websites.  Send it to your local newspaper editors, t.v. producers, journalists, pastor, priest, rabbi, and imam.  You can download and use our flyer here. You can download and use our logo here.  (And yes, the American flag is incomplete on purpose.) 


3. Get politically active.  Act locally AND act globally.  If enough people speak up, the pressure will be so great that the politicians will have no other choice but to start acting .  Out of self preservation, they will support the 100% tax on billionaires.  As Warren Buffet has said, there is a class war in America, and his class is winning. 

It's time to fight back. 


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